Amanda Bynes Psychiatry Hold Extended

Famous actress Amanda Bynes will be placed under the conservatorship of her parents, TMZ reported. Moreover, it has been revealed that the actress will remain at least 30 more days under treatment. 

TMZ reported that they obtained some legal documents, which reveal that the star’s parents claimed that her behavior makes the actress be at a substantial risk. Amanda has been having a rather erratic behavior, being linked to DUI and shoplifting. Her bizarre conduct also made the famous actress make some inappropriate comments about her father. 

Now it seems that Amanda’s parents have told a judge that their daughter has also acted crazy when she gave extremely expensive gifts away, as she actually purchased jewelry for strangers. Rick and Lynn Bynes also revealed that the only income that the actress makes at the moment comes from her rental property. The star made $144,768 last year. Apparently, she has $2.8 million in real estate investments. 

Well, Amanda is not doing very well, although she currently is under treatment. In fact. Her doctors have asked a judge to extend the star’s stay under treatment. Apparently, she is very ill and she needs to continue her treatment. She was first placed on a 72-day involuntary psychiatric hold on October 10. This decision came after Amanda was caught shoplifting once again.

The star did not accept the treatment and actually her parents had to trick her in order to go to the medical facility where she is currently retrained. After her admittance to the hospital, Amanda claimed to be extremely angry with her parents. 

Well, now they filed the legal documents that will allow them to get control over the star’s affairs. As the judge granted their request, Lynn and Rick will be able to help their daughter. This is not the first time when they receive conservatorship. The star’s parents were first granted control over Amanda’s affairs back in August 2013. The conservatorship ended in June. Well, it has not been revealed at this point when the new conservatorship will expire. 

Hopefully, Amanda Bynes will receive the right treatment and will be able to overcome her problems this time.

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