Amanda Bynes is Off Medication

It seems that troubled actress Amanda Bynes has finished her treatment. It has just been revealed that the star is off her medication and she is actually doing fine. Reports indicate that the actress is dealing with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, but apparently she found a way to keep these conditions under control, with no need of medication. 

TMZ reported that Amanda is now in a “totally lucid state” and she no longer needs to take any medication. Apparently, yoga and reading have helped her a lot to stay relaxed and better manage stress. Physical exercises and meditation are well known to aid in managing mental disorders. Moreover, reports indicate that Amanda Bynes is doing so well that her parents decided to lift some of the restrictions imposed on her bank accounts. 

Although the actress is doing perfectly fine, sources revealed that doctors have told her parents that she might relapse again, as this is something that usually happens in such cases. However, it seems that Amanda is really ready for a fresh start. The famous actress recently shared a photo of herself on social media, showing her brand new look. The actress has dyed her hair darker and she looks beautiful. 

Less than two month ago, the star showed that she dyed her hair to purple. She made that drastic change of looks when she was released from her involuntary stay in a psychiatric facility. 

Amanda Bynes had a troubled year in 2014. The star was placed on a psychiatric hold in October, although she was against it and was later on released from treatment. Following her release, Amanda shared a series of disturbing Twitter comments. She also made some serious accusations regarding her parents, first saying that her father abused her for years and then claiming that both of her parents are living off her money. 

She even went to threaten to kill her parents, who were given control over her finances. Later, Amanda claimed that she only joked about this and she never made a serious threat. Now, it seems that the famous actress is in a better place. 

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