Amanda Bynes Insists She’s Not Crazy

Over the past few months, Amanda Bynes got arrested more times than an old school rapper. Despite sources claiming she’s going through a Britney Spears meltdown, Amanda Bynes insists she’s not crazy.

Remember a few years ago when Britney Spears was obviously not right in her mind but kept insisting she wasn’t losing it? It looks like Amanda Bynes is going through a similar thing. TMZ strongly believes Amanda Bynes should be getting professional help. But to everybody concerned, Amanda Bynes is telling she’s not crazy and there’s no need for conservatorship.

Tuesday or Wednesday, Amanda Bynes should be starting her 30-day rehab somewhere in Southern California. That’s what sources told RumorFix.com after Amanda Bynes’ recent trouble with the police. On Sunday her car was impounded after police officers found her driving with a suspended license.

Last week, Amanda Bynes was photographed in her car smoking something from a drug pipe, then driving in her own hectic manner through the San Fernando Valley. The 26-year-old actress said she wasn’t smoking weed but tobacco.

The actress’s uncle, Ronald Bynes, told Celebuzz Amanda “needs help”. “She needs to stop drinking and driving…[Her father] doesn’t want to talk about her and often changes the subject. The problem is there’s no correspondence” Ronald Bynes revealed.

“I don’t even think they know what’s going on with her. They’re very upset about her recent problems, but they’re in the dark” Amanda Bynes’ uncle added.

In the meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan has had enough of crazy Amanda Bynes not getting time in jail, particularly after people started comparing the two actresses. “Why did I get put in jail and nickelodeon sta has had NO punishment(s) so far? These are the moments that I appreciate my live experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress night all” Lindsay Lohan tweeted.

A source told the press Amanda Bynes isn’t happy for being called the new Lindsay. “Amanda is furious about being compared to Lindsay, who has had a long history of substance abuse and so many problems” the source explained. “Amanda has that one DUI and that’s not good, but you can’t really compare the two of them” the source added.

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