Amanda Bynes Could Go To Jail For Hit-And-Run

After being charged with two hit-and-run counts, Amanda Bynes could spend the next year in jail. According to Us Weekly, the actress produced various car accidents since the beginning of the year and refused to give her insurance information to the victims.

Amanda Bynes’ law problems seem to get bigger and bigger. The actress is now running the risk of spending one year in jail after having been accused of two hit-and-runs. The first incident caused by the actress took place on April 6. Back then, the 26-year-old star was accused of slamming her rented BMW into another car on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley. In spite of the incident, Amanda continued to drive her car and even blew through a red light in order to get rid of the victim who was chasing her. It was with the help of the license plate number that the victim and the cops were able to determine the identity of the rebellious driver. Bynes was included in a line-up and the victim identified her as the driver of the rented BMW car. 

In May, however, Amanda got involved in another accident during which she side-swiped a car in West Hollywood. Once again, the actress tried to run away from the scene, but the victim called the police and eventually, managed to catch up with her. When police officers asked her why she didn’t stop after the incident, Bynes replied she didn’t realize she had hit a car. Lucky for her, the two cars involved in the incident were very slightly injured and no charges were pressed against the actress.

Amanda’s history of car accidents doesn’t stop here. On August 5, she hit a Toyota Corolla while she was driving her BMW through San Fernando Valley. The actress stopped this time, but she refused to give her insurance information to the other driver and continued her travel.

Bynes’ next meeting in court is due to take place on September 26. If she is found guilty of the two misdemeanors, she could spend one year in jail.

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