Amanda Bynes Caught Shoplifting Again

Amanda Bynes seems unable to move on from her issues with shoplifting. So, it looks like the famous actress was caught doing it again. 

On Wednesday, Amanda was caught shoplifting by security guards at a post Manhattan department. The cops were called at the scene of the events and found Amanda giving a shaky excuse for her actions. The star was allowed to leave, but naturally her latest trouble with the law created once again headlines. 

Well, this did not end here. After walking again from the incident, Amanda headed across town and tried to steal from another store. There is no excuse for this bizarre attitude of the star. She attempted to steal clothing, but she was unsuccessful. The employees of the store kept close eye on the actress since the moment when she entered the store.

This second incident took place at Pookie & Sebastian store. The employees from this store did not recognize the actress. TMZ reported that they actually believed she was a “half-naked homeless crackhead.” Apparently, this time the star behaved even more bizarre. She kept on talking about plastic surgery and then she grabbed a shirt off the rack and ran for the door. 

Amanda Bynes was stopped by one of the employees of the store, before running away. Then, the actress got into an argument with the employees and finally agreed to pay the sum of $128 for the shirt she initially planned on stealing. 

There are only troubles for actress Amanda Bynes lately. The famous star was arrested at the end of September. Amanda was taken into custody by the cops for driving under the influence. Since that moment, Amanda has been linked to hard partying and a series of scandals. It has been reported that Amanda Bynes was seen clawing at fans in clubs, carrying conversation with inanimate objects and running into pedestrians while riding a bicycle. 

This surely is an extremely bizarre behavior even from Amanda Bynes. Until now, there are absolutely no revelations on what might be causing this behavior. Amanda’s troubles might be the result of drug use, mental illness, but also a combination of many other factors. 

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