Amanda Bynes’ Car Impounded By Police

Amanda Bynes had her car impounded by police officers because she insisted on driving even though police officers suspended her license. The actress hasn’t been arrested yet, but she runs the risk of spending one year in jail if she is convicted for the misdemeanor counts that have been brought against her, according to Us Weekly.  

Amanda Bynes’ problems with the law continue as police officers were forced to impound her car on Sunday. The actress was pulled over for excessive speed, but authorities discovered her driver’s license had been suspended long time ago.

The news was communicated by Victor Gill of the Burbank Airport Police after reassuring the press that the actress was not arrested. Bynes, however, received another citation for her recent misdemeanor and will be held reliable in court for driving without a license. Gill further added that the actress was stopped on Hollywood Way in Burbank, California and police officers thought it was safe to impound her car considering the driving problems she had in the past.

Amanda lost her license after a case was opened against her for two hit and runs, one on April 10 and the other one on August 4. Judges will continue to analyze her case and if they find her guilty of the two misdemeanors, the actress could spend the next year in jail. Her sentence could get a lot worse in the future due to the recent car retention.

One would think troubled actresses would stick together through hard times, but the recent message that Lindsay Lohan posted on her Twitter account proved the opposite. After seeing all the troubles that Amanda Bynes is causing, Lohan asked her followers why she was sent to jail, whereas the nickelodeon star had no punishment so far. She then, added that moments like this make her appreciate her life because she can be an actress without Disney’s support.

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