Amanda Bynes Back in School and Doing Great

In the last couple of months, Amanda Bynes has managed to stay away from the media attention. And now it has been revealed that the star has managed to stay on the right track. According to the latest reports, Amanda is actually back in school. 

So, Amanda has returned to her studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, in Los Angeles. The fact that the star is back in school was actually confirmed by a lawyer for her parents. “We are all so proud of her, and can’t wait to see her amazing designs on the runway someday,” the lawyer stated. 

The fact that Amanda wanted to finish her studies is no secret. However, the actress was not expected to already be back in classes. Amanda stepped out of school back in 2014, after only a few months since she enrolled into the program. Soon after giving up her classes, the star was actually placed under psychiatric hold, where she remained for several weeks. Actually, at that time Amanda was linked to a huge controversy, the star refusing her treatment and accusing her parents of some serious abuses. 

When it comes to her reasons in giving up the classes, at one point it has been claimed that the star was out of control at courses. However, the rumors were dismissed by a student, who said that the star “wasn’t out of control and she never threw a fit.” Other rumors, indicated that Amanda stopped attending her classes because she had to undergo a skin procedure and because of this intervention, Amanda wanted to stay away of the public. 

Some claimed that the star just didn’t like going to school, at all. Well, regardless of her reasons, Amanda seems to have changed her mind. In the past few years, the famous actress has constantly been in the spotlight for numerous scandals. Back in June, the star seemed to be doing better and a lawyer for the actress claimed that she was great. The star then made a comeback to social media, in August, and she managed to stay away of scandals. 

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