Allen Iverson Delivers Game Ball In Philadelphia

Everyone cheered Allen Iverson as he accompanied his former Philadelphia team colleagues to deliver the game ball before the Wednesday competition. According to ESPN, the 76ers were getting ready to play their sixth game of the second round series against the Boston Celtics.

The Wells Fargo Center was crammed with anxious fans waiting for their team to make its appearance on the court. They soon realized that it was worth the wait because they were able to see Allen Iverson deliver the game ball before the start of the game.

The former Philadelphia player descended to the basketball court and the crowd went ecstatic as soon as the host uttered his name. Iverson was surrounded by basketball players and staff members all wanting to shake hands with the NBA star and to hug him. Even though everyone in the center started cheering at the sight of Allen, the basketball player took his hand to his ear suggesting fans they were not making enough noise.

The delivery of the game ball in itself was not very spectacular; it was something else that drew analysts’ attention while Iverson was on the court. They could not help but notice that the NBA All-Star was wearing an intriguing pair of Reebok sneakers which is expected to be released on Friday, May 25th. The model is called Reebok Question White/Red and it was first created in 1996 to celebrate Allen Iverson’s arrival at the Philadelphia 76ers.

The fact that Iverson chose to wear the same pair of sneakers he did in 1996 triggered a lot of questions in sports analysts’ minds. Some of them suggested that the player might have been paid to promote Reebok’s new pair of sneakers a few days before its official release. Others, on the other hand, went a little further implying that Allen Iverson might be coming back to Philly.

The 37-year-old player spent 12 seasons with the 76ers before signing contracts with other teams. In 2009, he returned to Philadelphia, but their collaboration did not last longer than two years.

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