All New HTC One Video Uploader Threatened by HTC

It seems that HTC was not happy at all with the leaked video of its new HTC One. The uploader of the video was threatened by the company and the video removed from his site.

The All New HTC One video was leaked on Sunday, the video presenting what is supposed to be the new high-end smartphone that HTC plans on releasing soon.

The new smartphone is thought to be the successor of the HTC One flagship smartphone. 

The video was initially accessible to anyone interested in discovering the new phone on Roshan Jamketal’s account, but it has been quickly removed, after a threatening conversation with HTC Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon. 

The fact that HTC was so determined to make the leaker remove the content from his account only makes us believe that this is exactly how the new phone will look. So, what HTC did was confirming the leak. 

The exchange of Twitter posts between Jeff Gordon and Jamkatel makes everyone think that the phone shown in the video is 100 percent real. However, before the video was removed by Jamkatel, it was re-uploaded by a YouTube user, so it is still accessible to people who want to check it out. 

Of course, this is not the first time when photos or videos of phones have leaked to the public. Actually, it is quite common for Apple’s new releases to be leaked before the company makes their official presentation. It happened with Apple’s iPhone 4 and with iPhone 4S, so there is no surprise it happened to HTC, as well. 

Of course, there are many suppositions at this point. Some seem to believe that HTC lost the phone, but then got it back. Others seem to believe that the video shows a fake and Jeff Gordon showed interest in having it removed to make everyone think that the leaked images were accurate. 

This way, the surprise is going to be much bigger. However, it is yet to see which of these speculations is going to be true after all. The interest in the HTC One, the flagship smartphone of the company, is not really great for the company. So, maybe HTC is just trying to raise interest on its latest release.

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