All About The New IPhone 5 Battery Case

Whether you’re an app fan or using the iPhone 5 as a GPS in your car, extending the life of your battery is always in need. Apple announced the release of the first MFI authorized New IPhone 5 Battery Case for this week. So here’s what you need to know about the New IPhone 5 Battery Case:

When it comes to Apple products, there are two things you get for your buck: design and functionality. The New IPhone 5 Battery Case meets those standards too. Designed to provide extra power for users’ purposes, the case is also quite fashionable. So, all you hipsters out there looking for ways to power-boost your new iPhone 5 for more Instagram pictures, you’re getting a fashion accessory with built-in functionality.

Although iPhone 5 is made of a more durable material, it’s still not scratch-proofed. The back panel on iPhone 5 is made of aluminum for the most part but it’s a good idea to get a protection case if you know you’re not that careful with it. A protection case for iPhone starts at about $10, but with the New IPhone 5 Battery Case you’ll be getting both a protection case and extra battery life.

If you have previously invested in battery cases for iPhones, don’t try to connect those to your iPhone 5. Previous battery cases are not compatible with iPhone 5, since Apple decided to change the Lightning connector. The iPhone 5 has an 8-pin adapter connector that requires a special chip, and since this is Apple’s patent, other companies might not release a New IPhone 5 Battery Case too soon.

The New IPhone 5 Battery Case with Apple’s MFI authorization and designed by Shenzhen Esorun Technology Limited Company features both protection and a built-in 3000 mAh Li-polymer battery. The battery case for iPhone 5 is expected to boost your device’s life expectancy on a single recharge cycle up to three times.

The New IPhone 5 Battery Case from Shenzhen Esorun is charged using a Micro USB port, so you can use the 5-pin cable you might already have.

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