Alison Brie and Dave Franco are engaged

Alison Brie and Dave Franco are without a doubt a happy couple. The pair has just announced their engagement. Alison was spotted out with her impressive engagement ring and the actress seemed really excited to share the happy news with the whole world. 

The engagement news was confirmed by a rep for the popular actor. The confirmation came soon after Alison was spotted with her engagement ring on, at the screening of her latest movie, Sleeping with Other People. 

Alison and Dave have been together for about three years now, so the fact that the pair got engaged is not shocking at all. However, the two have always tried to keep their personal life private, so they only shared few things with the public about their romance. In fact, they also avoided making public appearances together. 

A very shocking fact was that Alison and Dave actually attended separately the Met Gala ceremony, arriving separately on the red carpet. Well, the fact that they want to keep their private lives separated from their careers or public lives is not a bad thing after all. 

Alison Brie is well known thanks to her role in Community and also in Mad Man. Dave Franco is the younger brother of famous actor James Franco. Dave is well-known for his performance in Neighbors and many other comedy roles. 

Previously, Alison opened up about the perfect man and it seems that all that the star wanted was a man who could offer her flowers all the time. “If you’re a guy, you should get girls flowers all the time. They never get old and you can never get them enough. I’m never disappointed when I get flowers,” the famous actress explained. “I always thought guys who don’t buy women flowers are such fools.”  

Alison also previously claimed that she wasn’t the marrying type. However, she revealed that maybe she hasn’t met the right guy to make her change her opinion. And the star said the same thing about having children. “I never thought that I wanted them and suddenly I was thinking ‘Well, maybe if I met the right guy I would,'” she said. Without a doubt, Dave seems to be that guy. Well, congrats are in order for the beautiful pair. 

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