Alicia Silverstone: “Pre-Chewing Your Baby’s Food Is Healthy”

Alicia Siverstone has recently declared in an interview for US Weekly that pre-chewing her baby’s food is a healthy habit. The actress added that her son, Bear Blu, likes to be fed like a baby bird, so she won’t give up this feeding style in spite of the criticism that was brought against her.

Back in March 2012, Alicia Silverstone wanted to post a cute video of her and her child, but she managed to trigger opposite reactions from her fans. The footage illustrated the actress while feeding her son baby-bird style, that is, she was holding her mouth open and Bear Blu was eating pre-chewed food straight from her mouth.

Most people were disgusted by these images, but some viewers felt it was their duty to protect the child from the bacteria that Alicia Silverstone was irresponsibly transmitting to her baby. As a consequence, they made various comments asking the actress to quit feeding her baby this way.

Alicia Silverstone replied that she won’t stop giving food to his son baby-bird style because it’s perfectly natural and it has been used for thousands of years in various places around the world. Cannibalism is another activity that has been practiced for thousands of years in various places around the world, but lucky for us, Alicia Silverstone hasn’t discovered it. Yet.

Despite the various debates that have been made in relation to this subject, the “Butter” star told the press that her method was actually recommended by doctors. According to her, giving your son pre-chewed food makes it easier for him to go through the weaning process because the child doesn’t have teeth to chew his own food. Thus, the baby is gradually introduced to solid food, while the mother is still breastfeeding him.

The actress concluded that her baby is very healthy and happy, which means there is no reason for her to change his eating routine. In fact, the whole thing started because Blu got close to his mother’s mouth one day and tried to get food out of her mouth. I can only hope Bear Blu will never touch his parents’ whiskey shots or joints for who knows where this might lead.

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