Alex The Lion Photo-Bombs Ben Stiller And David Schwimmer

After General Aladeen took his camel for a walk on the Cannes boulevards, it was time for the Madagascar animals to enjoy the breeze of the French city. The protagonists of the animated movie and their interpreters allowed photographers to take pictures of them, but attention-seeker Alex the Lion photo-bombed Ben Stiller and David Schwimmer, says People magazine.

Many more celebrities arrived at the Cannes Film Festival today, but the most amusing moment was when the cast members of Madagascar 3 arrived together with the animals from the movie. Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer were incredibly happy to meet each other for the photo shoot which was organized at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. Their joy grew even bigger when the actors met some of the characters from the DreamWorks Animation film.

Chris Rock, the interpreter of Marty, the zebra, yelled as soon as he met his movie pal, Melman the giraffe. Schwimmer, who plays Melman, responded to his calling with the same enthusiasm. Ben Stiller and “Schwim” were preparing to pose for one picture together when Alex the lion showed up out of nowhere and photo-bombed them. This move was to be expected as the animated character always resorts to this technique in the movie in order to get more attention from his zoo fans.

Other actors in the film were present at the Cannes. Jessica Chastain and Martin Short joined their colleagues on the terrace for another round of photos. Cast members prepared this moment with the intention to surprise fans, but it was supporters who truly amazed the actors.

A crowd of people wearing multi-colored clown wigs was waiting for the “Madagascar” stars in front of the hotel and the actors were flattered by their appearance. The wigs were perfect for this occasion as the movie characters will join the circus in “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted”. The stars stopped for a moment to talk and joke with their fans and later on, attended the festivity.

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