Alec Baldwin Wants To Take Pay Cut To Save “30 Rock”

The unavoidable demise of “30 Rock” isn’t hard only on fans. Actor Alec Baldwin told NBC he wants to take a pay cut to save “30 Rock” and have the last season end with the regular number of episodes (21-23) rather than just 13 episodes.

It’s always hard to accept a favorite show is done. NBC comedy “30 Rock” has dedicated fans, but that’s not enough for a network looking for hit ratings. The last season of “30 Rock” premiered October 4, but it looks like actors are not ready to call it quits. Alec Baldwin offered to take a 20% pay cut to save the last two seasons of “30 Rock”.

In May, NBC announced “30 Rock” will end sooner than originally expected. There will be no season 8 and season 7 will be cut shorter from 21-23 episodes to just 13. That means the last season of “30 Rock” will be just like a rollercoaster ride. A lot to take in but when it ends, it makes you crave more. Tough luck, however, for the “30 Rock” fans. Season 7 is the end.

Alec Baldwin revealed earlier this week that he offered NBC a solution that will allow “30 Rock” to have a nice ending. “I offered NBC to cut my pay 20% in order to have a full 7th and 8th seasons of 30 Rock” Alec Baldwin tweeted. However, since that pay cut offer, Alec Baldwin realized “times have changed” and he is now “looking forward to some time off”.

The 54-year-old actor plays NBC head Jack Donaghy on “30 Rock”, Tina Fey’s illustration of how things were when she was headwriter for “Saturday Night Live”. Last year, Alec Baldwin made$15 million according to Forbes’ 2012 Celebrity 100 earnings top. “30 Rock” also brought Alec Baldwin two Emmys so it’s little wonder the actor had a hard time accepting the show is done.

“I think mostly people are very sad, because it’s been a great experience and we’ll never be able to duplicate this again” actor Alec Baldwin confessed in a statement for TV Guide about the end of “30 Rock”. “I’ll also never have as good a job as this – ever” he added.

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