Alec Baldwin Punches New York Photographer

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, actor Alec Baldwin was recently accused of punching a photographer working for the New York tabloid, Daily News.

Marc Santos claims the 54-year-old actor got really mad when he noticed that he and his fiancé, Hilaria Thomas, were being photographed. Alec Baldwin is known for his angry outbursts.

Months after he was removed from a plane because he got into a dispute with AA flight attendants, the actor is back in the media’s attention with a new conflict. This time, Baldwin is accused of physical assault by Marc Santos, a photographer working for Daily News.

Marc Santos claims he was doing his job, that is, taking pictures of the actor and his fiancé, Hilaria Thomas, as they were getting out of the New York City’s Marriage License Bureau. The actor became aggressive at the sight of the photographer and started punching him.

Santos even provided a set of photos proving that there has been a scuffle between the two men. Alec Baldwin, on the other hand, took to Twitter – his favorite means of communication when in conflict – and denied everything that the photographer said.

The “Rock of Ages” star wrote on Tuesday saying that he was attacked by a photographer who tried to hit him with the camera. The actor’s declaration was confirmed by his reps who stated that Baldwin was at the New York City building to pick a marriage license.

An unidentified person came in between Alec and the photographer, so the latter became aggressive. The rep stated that Marc Santos pushed the bystander and tried to attack the actor with his camera. The statement reassured everyone that there was no physical violence between the two.

According to Matthew Hiltzik, Baldwin did not punch anyone; he was just trying to protect him and his fiancé from the photographer. Although this was not the best time to make this announcement, Hiltzik declared that the couple will be officially married after the 24-hour waiting period which is specific for New York.

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