Alec Baldwin Might Run For Mayor Says Brother Billy


July seems to have started on a good note for Alec Baldwin. He got married to the racy yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, renounced and got back on Twitter and gave $1 million to the New York Philharmonic. And there’s some other news to put the actor under the spotlight: Alec Baldwin might run for mayor says brother Billy.

The 54-year-old actor is already kind of a man of power in the success “30 Rock” and from the looks of it he might do that in real life politics. Baldwin has been on and off about his political aspirations, but his brother Billy Baldwin says the “30 Rock” star is serious about potentially running for mayor of New York City.

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan earlier this week, Billy Baldwin talked about his brother’s political aspirations, which he says it could definitely be “very real”. “I think on one level it’s very real. I think he’s very committed and extremely bright and knowledgeable and I think he could do it and he could run” revealed Billy Baldwin.

But given Alec Baldwin’s hot temper, running for mayor might be too intense to handle. His brother Billy has a similar take. “On the other hand, I’m not quite sure if he’s cut from the proper cloth because it requires a lot of tolerance and a lot of patience and…” Billy Baldwin told Piers Morgan.

On the other hand, Billy Baldwin believes that despite his brother being “a bit hot-headed” other politicians managed to cope just fine with the job’s requirements. “Let me remind you that John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are quite the same and they are very successful and highly effective politicians” he said.

During his interview with Piers Morgan, Billy Baldwin also talked about him supporting President Barack Obama. He says he’d “most definitely like to see him elected” and explains is however “disappointed” by Obama’s performance on certain levels such as public education, environment and the economy.

“Environmentally. I’m disappointed with public education. I’m disappointed with – certainly with how quickly the economy’s recovered. I think maybe they could have handled things differently” said Billy Baldwin.




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