Alec Baldwin gets into a dispute with AA flight attendants

Everybody knows that ever since the 9/11 events, it has become practically impossible to bend the airport rules. Not so much for Alec Baldwin. The famous blue-eyed actor got into a dispute with the AA flight attendants because he would not turn off his cell phone, Reuters informs.

Based on his statements, Baldwin was playing Word With Friends when the flight attendant announced that all electronic devices must be turned off. He was so caught up in the game that he didn’t hear the official announcement. Even though he made a mistake, the 53-year-old actor continued to show reluctance when flight attendants admonished him. Moreover, Baldwin even found time to post a comment on his Twitter account saying that “a flight attendant on American reamed [him] out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving”.

Based on the declarations of the other passengers, Alec Baldwin was removed from the plane. This incident affected the rest of the people on the plane because they were all forced to go back to the gate. “Terrible that everyone had to wait,” said one of the AA passengers on his Twitter account.

The “30 Rock” kept his followers updated on the LAX incident all day long through his Twitter account. The actor continuously mocked the American Airline services saying that people should not be surprised that they are bankrupt. In the end, Baldwin promised to never fly again with the national company because it is the place “where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950’s find jobs as flight attendants.”

After finally arriving on the JFK airport in New York City on Tuesday night, Baldwin deactivated his Twitter account. His rep told the press that this departure is temporary because the actor is trying to focus on his “30 Rock”.

The airline company insisted on offering clarifications about the Tuesday occurrences. According to their Facebook statement, Baldwin was asked to turn off his phone when the plane was about to take off. He refused to follow the rules and headed to the bathroom with his phone, instead. In addition, the 53-year-old actor offended the flight attendants in any possible way forcing them to remove him from the plane. 

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