Alcatel Reveals OneTouch Watch

Searching for a perfect smartwatch is hard because it must have all the perfect features gained up together. A perfect smartwatch must offer a great battery life, an attractive design and most important, it must be useful. We probably can add another feature on this list and that is to be fun to use. It’s a complicated combination, because there aren’t any perfect smartwatches on the market yet. 

The new Altcatel OneTouch Watch brings something new on the market and some interesting ideas to the table. For starters, Alcatel’s new smartwatch is affordable, it costs approximately 150 dollars, it is water-resistant, it has a good battery life that lasts several days and it works both with Android phones and iPhones. Probably, the most important thing about Alcatel OneTouch Watch is that it doesn’t have a separate charger, it has USB in its band. This is an interesting feature that many other watches on the market should consider adding it.

Even if it is a budget smartwatch, the OneTouch will conquer lots of people with its simplicity and the fact that it is quite comfortable. Featuring a circular-face, like other Android Wear watches, including LG G Watch R and Moto 360, the OneTouch will come in both metal and rubber straps, but it must be mentioned that they are not replaceable. The rubberized sport band is very attractive, especially with the metal body and glass-covered face. The watch comes with its own software and offers three interchangeable watch faces: one digital and two round analog-style. When using an Alcatel phone app, users will be allowed to change background wallpapers to preset patterns, different colors or any other photos.

Opting for a personal software was a brave move for Alcatel. When tapping on the screen, users will find a colorful grip of features and apps, like weather, stopwatch, controls for screen brightness and airplane mode, and of course, a timer. Owners will also be able to use a fitness app, open a camera-control remote shutter, start a timed workout and use a music playback remote. Alcatel OneTouch Watch will pair with the user’s phone and notify him if there is any notification on Twitter, Facebook, messages, mail or incoming calls.

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