Albany Woman Defeats Flesh Eating Bacteria

A woman in Albany, Georgia has defeated the life-threatening flesh eating bacteria after a long battle. According to Daily Mail, the woman’s hand was affected by a rapidly spreading necrotizing fasciitis which would have killed her in a couple of days if doctors hadn’t cured it.

Sometimes the smallest injury can turn out to be fatal as a woman in Albany, named Elizabeth Marler has recently found out. Just like Aimee Copeland, who has captured the media’s attention in the past two weeks, Marler was suffering from a life-threatening flesh eating bacteria. Despite the agony she has been through during the past six months, Marler has eventually defeated necrotizing fasciitis and is now a healthy woman.

Elizabeth Marler agreed to speak with the press in order to provide further information about the disease that has affected 24-year-old Aimee Copeland. Marler stated that she was infested with the flesh-eating bacteria back in October 2011 after her cat bit her hand. Multiple analyses helped doctors reach the conclusion that the flesh-eating bacteria usually penetrate the skin through a wound, in Marler’s case an injury produced by the cat.

The infection blew out of proportion and the woman was rushed to the hospital four days later. The medical staff told her that she suffered from necrotizing fasciitis and she had to undergo various surgeries. Doctors managed to stop the disease from spreading even though Marler’s immune system was very weak because she was suffering from a blood disorder called Milo fibrosis.

Marler further told reporters that she is not bothered by the scars she has on her arm; on the contrary, she is happy that she is still alive. Her arm is no longer fully functional, but the woman thinks it is a small price to pay considering that 1 in 4 patients who get necrotizing fasciitis dies.

The survivor of the flesh-eating bacteria explained that she wanted her interview to raise awareness on the disease and to encourage people to think that Aimee Copeland will recover. Based on recent reports, Aimee’s second foot has been removed, but doctors say her condition is improving.

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