Agent, Publicist And Lawyer Dropped Amanda Bynes

Sources tell TMZ.com that Amanda Bynes turned from dream client into a nightmare. Reports read that the agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer dropped Amanda Bynes as their clients.

When it comes to the entertainment business, the legend that all the rats will leave a sinking ship feels like a true story, don’t you think so? Reports say that Amanda Bynes was dropped by her agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer over the past few weeks. These are the three persons celebrities usually entrusts them with their lives. What does that say of Amanda Bynes’ management team simply calling it quits?

For the past few months Amanda Bynes seems to be spiraling out of control. The DUI, arrests and reports of her acting like she lost her mind have sparked controversy in the media. Fans of the former Disney star are concerned Amanda Bynes is having some sort of health issues, although the actress insists she is “doing amazing”.

And since Amanda Bynes was dropped by her agent, publicist and lawyer, her fans might really have a good reason to be concerned. This trio, or the management team of any star, are normally the people that notice first-hand when there’s something wrong going on. These are the same persons that do damage control, push their stars to get help and keep everything out of media reach.

TMZ writes that Amanda Bynes’ agent, publicist and entertainment lawyer “are telling similar stories – Bynes was a dream client for years – but she became extremely difficult in the past 12 months, some say uncontrollable”.

Apparently, Amanda Bynes’ management team tried to contact their client for weeks in a row, but the actress “went radio silent”. Sources say these three people tried their best to get their client the help she needed, but since Amanda Bynes looked like she doesn’t need it, they eventually called it quits.

Since Amanda Bynes just told People she’s doing amazing and preparing for a new career in fashion, it’s likely the actress chose the immature way of getting rid of her management team. In the end, just like the actress herself admitted she’s “a retired actor”.

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