Ads get social at Super Bowl

Reuters relates that many companies have decided to make their ads social in order to tempt Super Bowl viewers to watch their commercials. Coca Cola, Audi and Volkswagen are some of the companies that have chosen to create Facebook and Twitter pages for their Super Bowl campaigns.

The Sunday game is one of the most viewed sport events in America and companies know this. They have always drawn substantial gains during the Super Bowl thanks to the large numbers of customers that watch the show. This time, however, advertisers want to make sure that the money they have paid will be leveraged by the effects of the campaign since Super Bowl slots are very expensive.

According to recent statistics, 60 percent of the people who will be watching the Sunday competition will be connected to a second screen, such as a tablet or a smartphone. As a consequence, companies want to make sure that customers cannot escape their promotional messages, whatever they do.

Coke Polar Bowl is a website that was purposefully created by the Coca Cola Company to arouse customers’ curiosity. The famous polar bears will, thus, be active during the entire match making comments in relation to the game and the commercials.

Some firms have adopted a different strategy. The Super Bowl is the perfect occasion for companies to launch their new ads; therefore, they use social media channels to offer previews to their latest commercials. Internet users who have viewed the online materials will most likely want to take a look at the TV ad, thus leveraging the $4 million investment that companies have made for their spot to be promoted on Sunday.

Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand has created an online campaign called Crash the Super Bowl hoping that their online contests will build momentum for the real ad. Chief Marketing Officer Ann Mukherjee explained reporters that the Super Bowl is the “anti-climax” of the advertising campaign because there is nothing advertisers can do at that moment to make sure their message is viewed by many customers. Given these circumstances, they prefer to focus on creating viral growth before the actual game.

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