Adrien Brody to star as Houdini

Adrien Brody received a really interesting new role. The famous actor will actually play the part of one of the most renowned magicians in the history of the world. Getting this role has actually been a dream coming true for the star. 

So, Adrien Brody will have to escape chains and perform some of the most impressive escape performances ever seen. The actor will star in a new television miniseries, Houdini, about the personal life and career of Harry Houdini. The new series is set to debut on September 1, on History. The series promises to be an amazingly interesting drama about death, spirituality and fear.

For Adrien Brody getting this role has actually been a dream coming true, as the star claimed. The actor spoke to Reuters and claimed that Harry Houdini actually influenced his own acting career. “I was infatuated with magic at a very young age. I started learning magic and dreaming of becoming a magician as early as 6 years old, and Houdini was a big inspiration,” the actor said. 

“What I didn’t know as a young man and as a child about Houdini was that he had many failures along the way and disappointments,” Adrien Brody also claimed during his interview. The star said that he can only admire the way Houdini managed to become an escape artist, while no one ever was able to equal his performances. 

“Even though as an actor I push myself outside my comfort zone often, I want to go further creatively and really be more hands-on from the inception of the project,” Brody also revealed in a statement. 

The role of Houdini’s wife in the miniseries is played by popular House of Cards actress Kristen Connolly. Kristen claimed that she is really happy to be able to work with Adrien, as she actually is a big fan of the famous actor. The actress also revealed that she finds Houdini’s life to be absolutely fascinating. 

Fans of the two famous actors and of the story of Harry Houdini will soon be able to discover this new miniseries on History. Without a doubt, the life and career of Harry Houdini has been fascinating. Houdini never allowed anyone to dictate how to live his life.

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