“Adoption” and “Orphanage” are happy words in Jolie’s home

Angelina Jolie’s children, whether adopted or born by the actress, think of the words related to “adoption”, “orphanage” and “birth mother” as happy words. So when Tigress, the character in Kung Fu Panda 2, that borrows the voice of Angelina, is shown in an orphanage, the children connected even deeper with the story, but in a good sense, the mother of 6 assures us.

Apparently, at the Jolie-Pitt household, the animated movie Kung Fu Panda made quite an impression. The children bonded wit the characters in the second series, as it talks more about family and adoption, which is the case of 4 of the couple’s children.
When talking of the impact that the movie had on the children, Jolie says that in her home, words like “adoption”, “orphanage” or birth mother are “happy words” that can be used freely. “They are good words, we talk openly about them.” Then she talks about her worries on the film’s subject and what influence it could have on the kids “When they saw the film, I wondered if they were going to be affected in one way or another… But my kids loved the movie and they felt closer to Po” she said. And it looks like the children didn’t feel like there was something they should be affected by in the movie. At least, not in a bad way. They thought the characters were “funny” and “cool”. “Just made it feel that much more a part of natural life” Angelina concluded.

If Angelina’s children understood the connection that their mother has with the animation movie, her co-star, Jack Black wasn’t so lucky. His children do not seem to offer him any credit for the voice of the main character. The two boys – who are not adopted, by the way – don’t get how can the panda not have his own voice, but someone else’s and what’s that got to do with their dad?

“My boys don’t know that I am the panda” said the actor. No matter how much he tries to explain that he is “the voice” of Po, his boys go “No. The panda is the panda and you are Da-da”. Can anyone say they’re not right?

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