Adobe Premiere And Photoshop Elements 11 Are In

If you are a fan of photo editing, you have a great reason to be stoked reading this fresh news. So, for all you photo enthusiasts out there, Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements 11 are in and ready to rock your worlds!

Just one week after Photokina, Adobe launched the new Photoshop 11 and the best upgrade available, Photoshop Elements. With a brand new and friendlier user interface plus video editing options, Adobe Photoshop 11 is out and ready to be installed.

When it comes to price, the upgrade to Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements 11 we’re talking about an investment of $99 for each piece, or you can get the discount bundle. The price for the whole pack is $149 and if you already have PS and Elements running on your device, you can upgrade them for only $79 each. When it comes to image editing software, Adobe and Photoshop 11 seem to make for one of the best deals available on the market.

The user interface is more icon-based now, the color fix is now better and more accurate, plus the favorite part of many users, the simple drag-and-drop function for opening a new project. Both programs have now broken in two user options, simple and expert. The simple one being more user-friendly and with more auto features than the expert one which gives you more liberty of movement.

They also bring to the table a series of special effects called FilmLooks. These allow users to create famous movie effects like the blue people from Avatar or Sin City (red on desaturated color). Maybe not so useful but certainly lots of fun!

Also, an extra feature that makes both Adobe products worth buying is the sharing option that has improved, bringing you closer to your favorite social websites such as Facebook.
Adobe also brought improvements to its InstantMovie feature, with an extra support for Vimeo.

Adobe Photoshop Elements uses now the same engine as Photoshop so it’s expected to make your video editing experience faster.

So if you already own Lightroom you should definitely want to consider seeing the new Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 11 which are at least as fun and useful and $50 cheaper!

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