Adele uses smartphone app to curse

Adele is one of the greatest singers of the moment due to her unique voice timbre. However, nothing good comes without struggle, so the British artist was forced to undergo a recent vocal cord surgery. During the post-operatory recovery, Adele was not able to speak, so she had to use a smartphone app to curse, says Reuters.

The British singer admits that she has a strange preference: she likes to curse. This was one of the main reasons why she disliked staying silent after the operation. In the end, she was forced to look for a special smartphone application which enabled her to freely express herself.

The singer has recently released an interview on CBS saying that it was rather difficult for her to find an app that allowed her to swear, but she finally got her point across. The interview will be aired on CBS during the “60 minutes” show which precedes the Grammy Awards on Sunday. A portion of the interview was already released on Wednesday, so fans could get a glimpse of their favorite star before the ceremony.

Adele also spoke about her throat affection in the interview describing the first time she realized there was something wrong with her vocal cords. The British performer was singing live on a French radio station when she felt like something popped in her throat. Although she tried to ignore the feeling, there was a disturbing sensation that eventually determined her to get specialized help.

After a series of medical investigations, doctors performed a laser surgery on Adele in order to remove a hemorrhaged polyp on her vocal cords in November 2011. Since then she was placed on vocal rest, a challenge that was very difficult to accomplish for the talkative singer.

Luckily, the singer has recovered and is now able to perform again. She will make her come back on the Grammy stage on Sunday where numerous fans will await her. The surgery helped Adele realize that she has certain vocal limits that she will no longer trespass in the future in order to stay healthy.

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