Adele Talks about Successful Single Hello

Adele decided to talk about her latest single, which actually is a huge success. The star opened up during an interview with i-D magazine, saying that she knows that she will never create an album as her highly successful as 21, but the famous singer confessed that she does not even want to try that. 

The new interview is actually the first one that Adele has given in the past three years. The star claimed that the theme of her latest album is not being heartbroken and went on to add that she is not suffering from love at the moment. “I’m not heartbroken, but I probably won’t be able to better the one I did, so what’s the point?” the famous singer explained. 

“Also, how I felt when I wrote ’21,’ it ain’t worth feeling like that again. … I was very sad and very lonely. Regardless of being a mom or a girlfriend, I didn’t want to feel like that again,” she concluded. Adele is no longer single. The star is happy with Simon Konecki, whom she had been dating since 2011. The pair has a 3-year-old son together. Adele also explained that her latest single, Hello, is not about the same person who inspired her songs on her previous album. Moreover, Adele said that the song is not “about anyone specifically.” 

So, what Adele was trying to say is that the song could be about anyone, after all. “It’s about friends, ex-boyfriends, it’s about myself, it’s about my family,” Adele said. “It’s also about my fans as well. I feel like everyone thinks I’m so far away and I’m not.” The star also added that the song is just about wanting to be at home. 

The famous singer also revealed that despite what people may believe, she still lives in England and does not plan on moving to the US, as she would miss home too much. Adele revealed that she really misses “my life at home,” whenever she is far away. “That way that I feel when I’m not in England is … desperation. I can’t breathe anywhere else,” she said. 

When it comes to her future plans, Adele revealed that she will actually be touring and traveling after the official release of her album, 25. 

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