Adele’s “21” Remains Best Sold Album

Based on a recent report published by the Rolling Stone, Adele’s “21” remains the best sold album of the year. Adele is still at the top of the list even though digital album sales have increased considerably in the past months.

Recent reports prove that many more people are interested in purchasing digital albums. The news delighted people in the music industry as the amount of sold digital albums dropped significantly since the beginning of the economic recession.

A recent study performed by the tracking firm called Nielsen SoundScan shows that more than 57 million digital albums have been sold since the beginning of 2012. Last year, only 50 million albums were sold around the same period of the year. What’s more interesting is the fact that the digital album sales represent 38 percent of all sales that were registered in the first half of 2012.

Whether album sales are well-sold or not, Adele is still the most popular singer of the year. It seems like the majority of the digital units that were purchased so far belong to her. Her “21” CD registered the biggest selling percent both in digital and physical format.

The week following the Grammy Awards was the most proficuous for the British singer. Not only did she get the biggest number of nods, but she also sold 730,000 copies claiming the biggest one-week sales for 2012. Her manager thinks Adele will continue to sell increasingly more records considering that all her new singles have become hits.

There were other artists who were well-received by the public, as well. Lionel Ritchie, for instance, made an unexpectedly successful comeback with his country duets album called “Tuskegee”. According to the report, Richie has sold 912,000 units since the beginning of the year. This percent is the biggest that Lionel has registered in the past years. In fact, it has outsold the percentage of the previous three albums combined.

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