Adele: “I Don’t Want To Be A Celebrity”

Singer Adele released a special interview for NBC speaking about her recent success as a musician. The “Someone Like You” interpreter told Matt Lauer that she doesn’t want to be a celebrity because she doesn’t like being in the center of attention.

Adele amazed everyone with her divine voice, thus becoming one of the best singers at present. Her talent has been rightfully rewarded with numerous prizes including eight Grammys and millions of record sales. Despite this, the 24-year-old artist likes to live a simple life without the attention that celebrities normally get.

Adele was raised by her single mom in the Tottenham, one of the working-class neighborhoods in London. Given these consequences, the singer grew accustomed to a simple lifestyle which she has been trying to recreate ever since her success started in 2011. Despite her attempts, the singer continues to be treated as a star and numerous rumors are constantly released about her.

Tabloids have recently speculated that Adele is getting ready to adopt an Ethiopian child. She told Lauer that these rumors were not true and that the majority of the news related to her is false. In fact, the singer would appreciate if the press didn’t try to place her “in people’s faces”.

Adele further described a recent episode when she managed to walk through Trafalgar Square without getting recognized by the numerous tourists that were hanging there on that Sunday afternoon. According to her, she was in her pajamas because she had been working the day before and she didn’t want people to notice her inappropriate outfit. Much to her surprise, nobody recognized her and even if they suspected she was a famous person, they all rejected the idea because they never thought Adele would walk through Trafalgar Square dressed in pajamas.

Towards the end of the interview, Matt Lauer asked the singer what she plans to do in the following ten years. She responded that she would like to continue making hits and to impress people through her music.

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