Adele Dumped For A Man

Based on recent declarations made in an unauthorized biography, British singer Adele confessed that she was dumped for a man when she was a teenager. The incident inspired the artist to create her debut album “19”, says Web Pro News.

Adele’s personal life is in the spotlight after the writer of an unauthorized biography, that is, Marc Shipiro, stated that the singer was dumped by her bisexual boyfriend. According to the book, the British artist fell in love with a mysterious man when she was 18 years old.

Even though she was aware of her boyfriend’s sexual preferences, Adele thought they could overcome their differences and eventually make their relationship work. Unfortunately, the man was more interested in one of Adele’s gay friends and so, he put an end to their relationship. The “Set Fire To The Rain” interpreter was very disturbed by the episode and she decided to express her emotions through music.

Her decision turned out correct as the songs that Adele created after the separation were included in her debut album called “19”. Marc Shipiro’s biography was never acknowledged as genuine, but the pop singer confessed that most of the singles included on the album were inspired by one of her sad romances. She previously stated that her “debut album is about being between 18 and 19; about love”.

After listening some of the songs on “19”, our attention was particularly drawn by the lyrics of the single “Daydreamer”. Adele, herself, confessed that the single is about a boy she used to be in love with. Their romance did not last because he was bisexual and Adele could not cope with the idea of fighting with both guys and women over her boyfriend. Her declaration is somewhat different than that of biography writer Marc Shipiro, but the facts are very similar.

Adele provided further information about her affair; she stated that she later on reconciled with the bisexual man, but the relationship didn’t work. At present, she is romantically involved with Simon Konecki.


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  1. I don’t care if adele has or had a relationship with a senitent Dolphin or someone 40 years older as long as both parties are agreeable and no one gets hurt. This Marc Shipiro clown needs to get a life of his own and stop trying to feed off of people who have made it. He is probably one of those “authors who couldn’t write his way out of a bag. or as I would say; He couldn’t find his ass with both hands, a set of directions, a bright flashlight and a very good GPS. Maybe you can tell I don’t like the Man.

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