Adele and Simon Konecki Got Married In Secret

We’re one month away from welcoming Adele’s first child and obviously everybody is excited. The mother-to-be was recently spotted wearing a gold band on her ring finger last month and reports say that Adele and Simon Konecki got married in secret.

With six Grammy awards this year, Adele is obviously today’s most popular and beloved singers. When news about her pregnancy finally hit the media, the subject turned viral instantly. Now a rumor says that Adela and Simon Konecki couldn’t wait for the baby to be born and have apparently tied the knot in secret.

A source told Life & Style magazine earlier this week: “Adele and Simon managed to keep the baby news a secret for so long that there are rumors they’ve already gotten married too”.  The couple kept the pregnancy a secret until late June, when Adele finally announced her fans of the happy news on her website.

“She’s an old-fashioned girl and can’t wait to be part of a family unit. She just wants to focus on the baby and the man she loves” the source told Life& Style magazine.

After the first reports of Adele and Simon Konecki getting married in secret surfaced in the media, a source confirmed for the Daily Mail the reports are real. “They did get married, and I was present. It was a fabulous occasion. Adele was dressed in a classic attire and Simon looked very smart and joyous” the source revealed.

With her baby due this September, Adele is taking her responsibilities as a mom very seriously. Sources say she spared no expense when it came to arranging the nursery at her homes. “Adele might have a reputation for being a bit of a spendthrift, but when it comes to her baby she’s sparing no expense” a source revealed.

“She is building state-of-the-art nurseries in all her homes” the insider told tabloid media. So far it seems that Adele spent $54,000 on sound and lights for baby nurseries alone, not to mention another $7,500 on baby clothes and all sorts of accessories.

The Sun also reports Adele is now planning to record an album with nursery rhymes alone. “She has been playing the rhymes to her belly. It’s so Adele can get her voice as close as possible to the baby, so it can hear as many soothing sounds as possible” a source explained.

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