Adam Sandler Plans To Rise Again With “Transylvania”

After two less successful movies in 2012, Adam Sandler plans to rise again with his new animated movie “Transylvania”. The actor provided the voice for the grandfather of all vampires, Dracula, and is convinced that the movie will be very popular among younger segments of audience, says Reuters.

Flaw seeking movie critics have described Adam Sandler’s recent comedies, “Jack and Jill” and “That’s My Boy” as weak. I was, however, pleasantly impressed by “Jack and Jill” even though I was probably the only person in the room crying during the twin sequences at the end of the movie. Apparently, my opinion isn’t as important as the one of the critics, so Sandler hopes his new movie “Transylvania” will return him to the position of the highest paid comedian in Hollywood.

The movie “Transylvania” was inspired by the legend of a vampire named Dracula who reportedly lived at the Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania. Unlike previous movies that were inspired by this character, “Transylvania” tells the story of a boy interpreted by Samberg who visits the vampire’s castle and falls in love with Dracula’s daughter. Judging by Adam Sandler’s previous films, we might infer that many amusing moments will originate from this unusual love story.

Although Adam Sandler’s career is not doing very well lately, the director of “Transylvania”, Genndy Tartakovsky, is not afraid that the two actors in the movie will not draw audience. In fact, Tartakovsky has even taken into consideration the possibility of failing. If “Transylvania” won’t live up to his expectations, he will try with another movie because ups and downs are very frequent in the movie industry, in his opinion. After all, no actor or director has ended his career because he had one or two weak movies.

The director further added that his movie addresses a different type of audience, so he cannot compare “Transylvania” with Sandler’s previous two movies. The film is expected to draw mainly families to the cinema, but young adults, too, may be curious to hear Adam mock the voice of the otherwise terrifying Dracula. “Transylvania” will open on September 28th.

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