Actor Sacha Baron Cohen to show up at the Oscars dressed as “The Dictator”

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen to show up at the Oscars dressed as “The Dictator”Daily Mail reports that the controversial actor and producer of “Borat”, Sacha Baron Cohen plans to show up at the Oscars dressed as “The Dictator”, the character of his latest movie which will be released this summer. Cohen plays the part of General Aladeen, the protagonist of the comedy “The Dictator” that he will be promoting in his usual, or should we say, unusual way in Los Angeles, this Sunday.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stated that they disagree with the British actor’s intentions. They took the opportunity to remind artists that the Oscars, in general, and the Red Carpet, in particular, may not be used to promote upcoming movies.

According to his previous declarations, the “Borat” star wants to make his appearance on the Red Carpet dressed as General Aladeen and then change into a tuxedo for the rest of the ceremony. Judging by the past experiences, the actor will most likely pose on the Red Carpet as General Aladeen, despite the Academy’s attempts to stop him.

This is not the first time Sacha Baron Cohen used a prestigious Awards event to promote his movies. In 2005, he was disguised as his most famous character, Borat, at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Four years later, he shocked guests at the MTV Movie Awards when he appeared dressed as Bruno, a homosexual fashion reporter from Austria.

“The Dictator” looks like a promising movie; Sacha Baron Cohen plays the part of a Hussein-like dictator who is replaced by a goat herder and starts a journey to New York to build a new life. The movie was assimilated to Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” from 1940 due to its satirical content. The motion picture was directed by Larry Charles, who also took part in the production of “Bruno”.

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