Actor Ryan O’Neal’s son pleads not guilty to DUI and guns possession

On Thursday, Griffin O’Neal, the son of actor Ryan O’Neal, pleads not guilty to the charges of DUI and guns possession that were brought following his accident on August 2, Associated Press reports.

Two months ago, Griffin O’Neal, son of Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neal and of actress Joanna Cook Moore, was involved in a car accident that led to his arrest. His vehicle hit another vehicle on August 2 in San Pasqual. The driver of the other vehicle has suffered injuries to his back and head. O’Neal was trapped inside his car and had to be pulled out by intervention crews.

O’Neal, 46, was tested for DUI and the tests revealed significant amounts of drugs in his blood. According to the results of the tests, he had ingested amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana and Xanax, before getting behind the wheel. Not only that, but the police found in his car several loaded guns and crack cocaine. His defense lawyer, Heather Boxeth, explained that Griffin was trying to help his brother Redmond, who got arrested for heroin possession that same day.

At present, Griffin O’Neal faces charges of misdemeanor and felony. If found guilty of all the charges, he could spend up to 11 years and a half behind bars. His case is being judged by the San Diego Superior Court. Judge David M. Szumowski set his bail at 35,000 dollars and ordered him not to drive until the end of the trial.
Griffin has been in trouble with the law before. His first arrest was in 1986, when he was taken into police custody in Virginia for carrying around with him a ballistic knife. Just several days later, he was involved in a boat accident that killed Francis Ford Coppola and his son, Gian-Carlo Coppola. He tried to drive his boat between two other boats, failing to realize there was not enough space.  In 1989 he was charged with DUI in Van Nuys, California. In 1992, he was arrested for making terrorist threats against his ex-girlfriend and shooting with a 44 Magnum towards an unoccupied car. For all these, he got a total of 1000 dollars fees, 9 years and a half in jail (all on probation) and 560 hours of community service. He ditched 400 hours of community service, for which he spent 18 days in jail.

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