About Facebook’s Ad Target Refinement

It’s all set: Facebook will use new online strategies to refine its ad target, spokespersons announced during a recent interview with New York Times. According to their declaration, the best way to determine customers’ future conduct is by analyzing their past behavior; thus, the products they have bought in the past will be used to indicate the ads that will be displayed on their news feed.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, revealed the plan that the company is willing to enact in the following period to display highly targeted ads to its users. There are many details that haven’t been revealed, but the main idea is that the social network will team up with four of the best market research companies to monitor and gather data about its users’ behavior. Acxiom, Blue Kai, Epsilon and Datalogix will keep an eye on Facebook users and register both their online and offline behavior.

Optimal, one of the companies that are working to help brands create personalized advertising messages for Facebook users was very pleased with Mark Zuckerberg’s plan. The company believes the changes that the social network will enact could have a good impact on advertising strategies. Companies can better understand their consumers and create the perfect message to convince them to buy their products again in the future.

Facebook’s collaboration with the market research companies was partially due to the intense pressure that the social network was subject to in the past months to grow advertising revenue. Companies complained on numerous occasions that the ad services provided by Facebook were not enough to draw customers, so developers were forced to reconsider their strategies. Engineers realized that the data that Facebook was collecting from its users based on what they had declared on their profiles was not enough to create targeted messages.

Analysts think the decision that Facebook has made is very good; however, they don’t expect the move to radically change the advertising strategies. The fact that Facebook is willing to resort to research experts to gather data on their users is a great improvement.

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