Aaron Rodgers’ Family does not Like Olivia Munn

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn seem to be happy together, but it seems that things are not very simple when it comes to this relationship. The rumors are saying that Aaron’s family does not like Olivia and actually the popular NFL star has decided to stop talking to his family because of Olivia. 

So, a report from US Weekly indicated that Aaron’s relationship with Olivia is actually the main reason why the NFL star has become estranged to his family. Furthermore, it seems that fame changed the star and his family openly says that. Aaron’s dad, Ed, talked about his son and their relationship during a previous interview. 

He claimed that he is not on speaking terms with his son and has not been in the past two years. “Fame can change things,” Ed said. Allegedly, the rupture between Aaron and his family started after he began dating Olivia. This happened sometime at the end of 2014. As imagined, speculation immediately started to say that Olivia was the one keeping Aaron away from his family. 

“Aaron is the one that has pulled away from the family, not the reverse,” an insider said. “When he got together with Olivia Munn, his family told him they didn’t trust her and thought she wasn’t with him for the right reasons. That made him furious, and he ended up choosing Olivia over his family.”

Furthermore, another source talked about a time when Aaron’s parents tried to make things better with their son. They actually sent him and Olivia some Christmas gifts last year, but they received the package back unopened. Aaron refused to attend his grandfather’s funeral, too, and his family was informed that they were no longer welcome at his games. 

Another source close to the star dismissed the claims that the family dispute was linked to Olivia. The source revealed that she actually has nothing to do with this and it is just between Aaron and his parents. The issues in Aaron’s family were first revealed back in July 2016 by Aaron’s brother. However, nothing else has been claimed regarding the reason of the dispute.

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