Aaron Carter talks about his problems

Aaron Carter has been dealing with some serious issues lately. And it surely seems that these issues are not close to an end. He actually recently broke down in tears while talking about his problems. Aaron talked about his recent arrest during an interview with ET, in which he actually started crying.

So, we can surely say that things have not been easy for Aaron. The star was very emotional during his interview. He was earlier arrested for DUI, but also for possession of marijuana. Aaron claimed during the interview that he hasn’t slept since Saturday. However, he claimed he was completely innocent and explained in detail how everything happened.

Aaron said that he decided to buy a cheap car to travel because he couldn’t get a flight from North Carolina, as he is suffering from severe anxiety over flying. Aaron witnessed the September 11, 2001, crash of an airplane into the World Trade Center and this is how he got his anxiety.

“Somebody said I was driving recklessly on the road, that’s what the police report said, but the alignment was off on my car, so I went to AutoZone to see if I could do anything about it,” he said. “A motorcyclist reported that I was swerving all over the road, but the alignment was off a little bit on the new tire,” the star explained.

“[They] forcefully grabbed me out,” he said of the moment when he was stopped by the police officers. “[I] stepped outside. I say, ‘I invoke the right to speak to my attorney,’ and they disregarded that, they revoked that immediately. They said, ‘Is there anything illegal in the car?’ I said, ‘I have marijuana in the car,'” Aaron added. He claimed that he tried to explain to the police everything that happened, but they just wouldn’t listen.

He clarified that at the moment of his arrest, he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He actually claimed that he does not drink at all. Aaron said he smoked marijuana about nine hours before his arrest, but he smokes for anxiety, chronic pain and better appetite.

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