Aamir Khan, The Movie Star Confronting India With Its Taboos

For many outsiders, India remains just an exotic getaway destination. For Aamir Khan, Bollywood megastar, the reality is different. The movie star is confronting India with its taboos with one controversial TV talk show.

“Truth Alone Prevails” is the English translation of a TV talk show that is currently sparking controversy in India. Actor Aamir Khan, a popular name in Bollywood, decided it’s time India should be confronted with its taboos.

In an interview with Open magazine, Aamir Khan said: “I want to do something dynamically different. I continued to think about it, and slowly this idea was conceived”. “Truth Alone Prevails” is tackling many of India’s taboos, from the torture of young brides, to the shunning of those lower in Hindu caste or child sexual abuse and forced abortion.

The Associated Press describes Aamir Khan’s talk show to be “a clever blend of hard news and raw emotional appeal – part ’60 Minutes’, part Oprah Winfrey”. Now this is a recipe that would spell success and insanely huge earnings in the United States. In India, it has a humanitarian side that could force the government to take action on some of the country’s most horrifying realities.

For people in India watching such a heavy-duty talk show is not easy. Talking in the open about the realities that make their lives harder is nowhere easy to hear or accept. First episode of “Truth Alone Prevails” was shocking, not only for the India-based audience but for foreigners too.

When it first aired in May, Aamir Khan chose one of India’s ultimate taboos: the killing of female fetuses. He presented Ameesha Yagnik, a woman who was forced by her own husband to abort six fetuses in eight years. She was then thrown out of the house and kept away from their infant daughter until she finally gave in and decided to divorce.

Narendra Kumar, environmental researcher in New Delhi, told the Associated Press, Aamir Khan’s talk show is “reminding people that there are problems within our society”. “It’s also creating discussions and sometimes helping people find solutions to the problems”. Added Narendra Kumar.

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