A Sophisticated LinkedIn App For Windows Phone

Microsoft is getting help from unexpected sources. A sophisticated LinkedIn app for Windows Phone has been released, and rumor has it the app works better than Android and iOS versions.

Well, LinkedIn might not be Facebook, but it is popular among the right users. For Microsoft’s Windows Phone, LinkedIn’s sophisticated app is a great way to raise popularity and target the right category of consumers. We’re talking about a social network for professionals that pride themselves on being current with the market and their business. By launching a “sophisticated” app for Windows Phone, LinkedIn just sold some smartphones.

Tomer Cohen is a mobile product manager at LinkedIn. He explained in a blog post that the app at hand “offers even more functionality than its iOS and Android siblings” in some cases. “We know professionals rely on their mobile devices every day to conduct business and to stay prepared for their work day” write Tomer Cohen. “We’ve been working hard to make this new LinkedIn app best-in-class in the Windows Phone marketplace” adds the mobile product manager.

The LinkedIn app for Windows Phone is free and will take less than 1 MB of your smartphone’s memory. The app was designed to help Windows Phone users find and connect with peers in their professional line of work, through a series of features. These include a real time connection to a stream of news and updates from groups and connections, employers and favorite companies.

When drawing the line between the Windows Phone LinkedIn app and the iOS and Android versions, it becomes obvious developers worked harder on it. For instance, the Windows Phone app features the sections “Jobs” and “Companies” which bring you real time updates. Meanwhile, iOS and Android apps are missing these two options completely.

Even though users can’t actually apply to a job found by their LinkedIn Windows Phone app, having that option will surely weigh considerably for users planning to change their employer. ruled the LinkedIn app for Windows Phone to be “a speedy, beautiful and useful app for people who want to keep connected to their professional networks. With a few upgrades, it might even compete with social network’s browser-based experience”.

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