A small hybrid, called Acer Switch 10 E

The Acer Switch line was very appreciated, especially because this low-cost line comes with a magnetic hinge that keeps that screen and the keyboard connected. These days, Acer launched another hybrid that is called Acer Switch 10 E and has a magnetic connection, which the company named the Snap Hinge.

This new 10-inch model comes in six colors and features a soft textured finish that gives the feeling of a more premium device than it really is. Acer Switch 10 E is available at the price of 349 dollars and has some interesting features under the hood.

After Microsoft updated its operating systems to Windows 10, probably hybrids are not as solid as they were once. However, the new Windows 10 still makes concessions to laptops that transform into tablets and feel well-optimized for low-power systems, such as this one.

At the price of 349 dollars, the new Acer Switch 10 E is full-featured enough for basic productivity and feels sturdy. However, this hybrid also has some serious budgetary concessions, for example a top-heavy design and the lack of full-size ports and connections. Acer Switch 10 E feels pretty heavy and feels more like a 13-inch laptop than a 10-inch model. 

However, Acer Switch 10 E has a nice design and features patterned cross-hatch texture across the outside lid, which is pretty nice and manages to avoid the fingerprint-heavy glossy back plastic look that many other budget hybrids have. This device weighs approximately 2.8 pounds, which is pretty heavy for a 10-inch display and features a wide screen bezel, which gives the impression that the screen is smaller than it really is. 

At the base, users will find a 500GB hard drive, which is a nice bonus for storing documents and many other media files. The keyboard is small, but it is well laid out and has a decent depth. As for the touchpad, it is pretty large, very responsive and has important multi-touch gestures, like two-finger scroll. Acer Switch 10 E is powered by 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735, with 2048MB DDR3, 32MB Intel HD Graphics and 32GB Flash Memory + 500 GB HDD.

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