A Record Store Day 2012 Release List

It’s the fifth year the Record Store Day brings special release lists and bargains that will entice you to leave your money in cash registers of records shops across the county. They’ve been preparing for this day for a while now, and many hope their Record Store day 2012 release list is going to bring along impressive sales.

Although today there aren’t many people that would pay an arm and a leg to get some exclusive album release from a record store, events such as Record Store Day brings quite impressive revenue. Helped by two things: discounts and special release lists, the Record Store Day is at its fifth annual edition. At least there’s one day brick and mortar stores today are sure of making a sale.

The Record Store Day 2012 release list brings a “monster slate of albums” as writes. The website categorized the released titles into three sections, based on exclusivity, regional availability and first releases. I have to hand it to them, it sure wasn’t easy to browse the impressive Record Store Day 2012 release list.

If you’re a Record Store Day buff, then you already know where to look for the participating stores. If you don’t, all you have to do is check out the event’s website and get all your info from there. Anyway, this year Record Store Day participating stores are bringing exclusive releases coming from some of the most popular bands and artists such as David Bowie, Pete Townsend, Lana Del Ray, Joan Baez and the Flaming Lips.

However Death Cab for Cutie, Chuck Persons and Neon Indian albums are also available at participating stores but in limited quantities. This means you’d better be among the first 1000 customers to get one of those albums.

If the event doesn’t mean much too you, maybe this particular argument will make the case. On the Record Store Day First Release list you can find albums that will become available at retailers in the following two months. So, if you can’t wait to hear Ozzy Osbourne’s new album or Lou Reed’s then you’d better be prepared to take by assault one of the participating stores.

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