A pricey router, called Google OnHub

Probably, the new router from Google is one of the unique routers on the market, due to its cool design. Yes, this router might be one of the best-looking and radically designed routers out there, one that users will not be ashamed to display in their living room. Moreover, it is easy to use, especially for Android users, and the hardware that hides under the hood will make it one of the best routers in the future. 

However, until then, Google OnHub Router is massively lacking in features and it requires users to always be connected to their Google account in order to fully function. This is an odd request, giving the fact the Google declared that OnHub doesn’t track user’s network or Internet activities.

Sadly, this router comes with a single network port, which will probably disappoint a lot of customers, especially those who are looking to hardwire multiple devices that aren’t wireless friendly. In official tests, Google OnHub Router had some average results, both for wireless coverage and speed. However, as already mentioned, it has some serious hardware hiding in it, so in the future this router from Google will be one of the most powerful on the market.

At the moment, Google OnHub Router is probably preferred due to its incredible design, because users will not have to hide it under the furniture or place it in a darker location. Furthermore, probably many customers will be pleased to have a router that shares a broadband Internet connection to a higher number of mobile handheld devices and they don’t mind that this router is connected all the time to Google. However, the new Google OnHub Router has some serious competition at its price range, for example the more attractive Asus RT-AC68U and Apple Airport Extreme. At the moment, these two routers are better than Google’s design.

But, as it was earlier mentioned, the new router from Google is an evolving piece of hardware, meaning that performance and functionality will change over time via future software updates. The new Google OnHub Router is available at the price of 439 dollars.

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