A new tracker on the market: The Moov Now

Even if the market is quite filled, there is always space for another activity tracker. All of these devices can track a variety of things, like calories burned, steps taken or how much users sleep at night. However, it must be pointed out that just a few of them offer real-time coaching.

Well, it seems that this is the moment when the Moov Now comes into play. This new activity tracker seems to have been released by two Microsoft veterans and a former Apple engineer. They managed to design this tracker in such a purpose that it will help novice users to get into shape.

The original Moov was a great success and managed to have pre-order sales of approximately one million dollars. Yes, this is a big success and it continues to gain popularity because it is still available on sites like Amazon. However, it looks like the team is back and is hoping to build another successful activity tracker with a more stylish design. This new activity tracker is named the Moov Now.

Even if it’s called activity tracker, the Moov Now cannot be compared with products like Jawbone and Fitbit. Rather than counting metrics like distance, steps and calories burned during the entire day, this device was designed to be worn during workouts. Together with a mobile app and a pair of headphones, this tracker is able to provide real-time coaching on a huge array of activities, like swimming, boxing, cycling and running. 

Compared with the original model, the Moov Now is approximately 44 percent smaller and comes with a redesigned strap and even an improved battery life. It looks like the rechargeable battery that was packed with the original model was replaced with a coin battery.

The company declared that the new battery will allow the tracker to function more than six months. The coin battery that is found in the Moov Now is the same battery that is found in Withings Activite and Garmin Vivofit. 

Even if the previous model was designed to be worn only during workouts, the new activity tracker is designed for all-day use. 

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