A New Look For Mac With Apple’s New OS X Mountain Lion

On Thursday, Apple brought to the table its upcoming new operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion. As developers got a first look at the operating system, it looks like the new Apple OS generation focuses on iCloud.

Before you’ll get all excited about how your Mac will love the new operating system, remember that the OS X Mountain Lion won’t be available until sometime this summer. But, since the waiting is so difficult and the thrill so high, PCMag reports its first look at Apple’s released developer preview of the operating system. believes that despite the fact that “OS X Lion is already the best consumer OS by far” and it will be able to “increase Apple’s lead”, the system does feature some disadvantages. But in their opinion disadvantages mean “minor interface inconsistencies”, which will not even matter when the full system is completed.

Still, we have found a major disadvantage. Although OS X Mountain Lion focuses on intense use of iCloud, only applications that have been bought from the Mac App Store will be compatible. So, if you were thinking you’d synch your iOS devices this summer, you have another thing coming.

Analysts following Apple weren’t exactly impressed by what this operating system brings to the table. writes that analysts with Panic believe that “Apple is walking a dangerous line with regard to features that are only available to App Store distributed apps”. And iCloud and Notification Center are clear examples of that.

For Apple, the released developer preview of the OS X Mountain Lion is surely just the beginning of teasing consumers with its new products. And since the developer preview has been released in February, chances are we’ll get to learn something about the new iPhone and iPad in March, the somehow traditional time for Apple releases.

In other related news, The Wall Street Journal writes that Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive, is about to make a tricky bet. As the publication points out, the new Mac operating system is “the clearest sign yet of Apple’s belief that the mobile, laptop and desktop world are destined to converge”.

Tim Cook said: “We see that people are in love with a lot of the apps and functionality here. So, anywhere where it makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac”.

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