A new gaming laptop called Aftershock SM-15

Aftershock is known as being a Singaporean PC and laptop maker. It is not well known in Europe, because this manufacturer has only gained recognition locally. Mostly, Aftershock is famous for its attractively priced custom-fitted hardware. It was a big surprise when this company managed to pique interest from Intel. Moreover, Aftershock made a partnership with the chipmaker company and became one of the first manufacturers to sell laptops equipped with Skylake, Intel’s latest sixth-generation processor. 

So, what resulted from this partnership? Well, an incredible 15-inch gaming laptop, weighing 2.5kg and featuring an Nvidia GeForce GTX 960. This gaming laptop is available at the price of 1,220 dollars and it is probably the main attraction on the gaming laptop market. Moreover, the new Aftershock SM-15 comes with a full-HD display and Onkyo speaker, Creative’s SoundBlaster audio technology. 

As for the design, this gaming laptop comes with generic notebook shells from Clevo, a Taiwanese manufacturer. After a long use, probably users will notice that this soft-touch black surface attracts fingerprints, which can be quite an eyesore. Fingerprint residue transforms the shiny surface, especially on the touchpad, being the main surface where the user’s finger comes into contact with the device.

The new Aftershock SM-15 comes with four USB 3.0, a DisplayPort, an HDMI, but also an old-school VGA. To be mentioned that the keyboard is backlit and can be customized to light in different colors, which is a great thing. The bounce of the keys feels pretty responsive, the key travel is good and also comes with NumPad, which is not often met on notebooks. 

As it was already mentioned, Aftershock SM-15 is one of the few gaming laptops on the market that comes with Intel’s Skylake processor. Yes, this device packs the Core i5 6300HQ, being known as the sixth-generation processor from Intel. This new processor promises lower power consumption, while still improving CPU and GPU performance. Moreover, Aftershock claims that the laptop’s temperatures are much cooler compared with Haswell-equipped models. On this gaming laptop, users can enjoy the very mainstream Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M.

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