A New Courtroom Confrontation Between Samsung And Apple

Based on a recent report published by CNET News, a new courtroom confrontation will take place between Samsung and Apple on Monday. The two companies have been legally battling each other over the last 17 months to prevent one another from expanding their markets.

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple is not new among similar enterprises. Given that the two tech giants have the biggest worldwide sales, they are using all the methods they can find to take each other out. The courtroom confrontation that will take place on Monday in the United States between Samsung and Apple is one of the most awaited legal battles in 17 months.

On the one hand, Apple accuses Samsung of using the technology that the American company has invented. In their opinion, the South Korean multinational wouldn’t have made as big a fortune if it hadn’t been for their smartphone and tablet technology. As a result, Apple asks authorities in the United States to prevent Samsung for selling its devices in America. Moreover, the American tablet manufacturer would like Samsung to pay copyrights for the technology they have stolen from Apple.

Samsung, on the other hand, claims the technology that Apple invented was too simplistic to attract customers. Hence, the Silicon Valley giant should be grateful for the improvements that the South Korean multinational has brought to the technology. If it hadn’t been for them, iPhone and iPad wouldn’t have become as popular as they are nowadays. Thus, they want to prove that the current situation is nothing but “stifle legitimate competition”.

These arguments were presented in the claims that were filed last week. The case will focus especially on intellectual property and patent. Lawyers will try to prove that the patents of each company are more valuable than the ones of the other; this way, the multinational with the less valuable patent will have to pay compensation to the other.

The process will most likely last around four weeks. Both companies have brought at least 20 witnesses to support their case. Senior vice presidents Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall will testify for Apple.

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