A luxury gaming controller, Microsoft Xbox Elite

The new Microsoft Xbox Elite is probably one of the most comfortable controllers on the market. Moreover, even if this controller was designed for Xbox One, it can also be used on gaming PCs. 

The new controller has some interesting features and other tweaks that make it better than other controllers from different platforms. However, probably that biggest minus for the new Microsoft Xbox Elite is its price. 

The new controller is available on the market at the price of 150 dollars. Now, hearing this price, customers may say that they don’t need a controller at this amount of money. To be added that 130 dollars is two and a half times more than a regular Xbox One controller.

However, even if it is expensive, there will be customers willing to spend this amount of money, just to have a better experience while playing.

Therefore, the new Microsoft Xbox Elite will deliver incredible gaming experiences like any other controller on the market. While holding the new controller, users will realize that this device is heavier than the original Xbox controller and feels much luxurious and substantial. Every button found on the new Microsoft Xbox Elite operates with satisfying smoothness and incredible feedback. To be added that a matter rubberized coating covers approximately the entire controller and offers the feeling that you are holding a high-end gadget. 

However, the main attraction that this new controller is offering is the massive amount of customization possible with the analog triggers, sticks and D-pad. To be added that this controller also comes with three sets of magnetic, stainless steel analog sticks that can be easily changed. Moreover, the controller has detachable paddles located on the back, which will allow users to program them through a free Xbox app designed for the controller. However, some users will find these paddles really useful, especially to gas on a race car or for switching arms, but other will find them really inconvenient. 

As for the free Elite app, this app is not only for programming the back paddles, but it can also remap any of the 14 digital inputs from the gadget.

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