A laboratory studies the human motion

Analyze human motion and articulation through a sensory system for detection. To meet the challenge is the Galliera Hospital in Genoa, which opened yesterday morning in the presence of top hospitals, the laboratory of Biomechanics and Motion Analysis. Directed by Dr. Claudio Mazzola, head of the complex structure of Orthopaedics of the joints, the laboratory – the first in Liguria and one of the few in Italy – has a sophisticated digital high definition (BTS SMART-D) that can capture any type of movement to carry out evaluation and diagnosis of the functional path and posture of athletes or not. “An instrument thus – explained the director Mazzola – which allows for very accurate surveys on human movement in order to identify the causes and consequences of any changes and anomalies. The biomechanical study of gestures engines is to perform a strategic evaluation pre-surgery and in recovery, in cases, for example, prosthesis of hip and knee ligament reconstructions, shoulder and ankle injuries. We are also able to provide technical assistance to improve the sport performance of athletes. “
And the demonstration came from light Emma Quaglia, Italian champion in 3000 m steeplechase, which wrapped sensors, yesterday measured the muscle activity and controlled in real-time results to a computer, simulating jump and walk under the watchful eye cameras. In the new structure, located on the first floor of Hall C in the course Mentana, were in fact installed 12 infrared cameras which detect body movements, the system is also equipped with two platforms for the assembly of forces expressed by walking, running and Skip these. “With the activation of the laboratory – said Lagostena Adriano, general manager of the Galleria – we provide innovative technology, coupled with highest level of expertise, allows us to offer an exclusive service in clinical application in the research and sport. ” Unofficially the center is ready, were in fact tested several athletes, but officially opens to the entire population health by next summer, after receiving accreditation from the region. “A laboratory that has a social meaning – concluded Mazzola – not only directed at sports league, but also to the pensioner that comes with knee problems. Everyone will use it by paying the ticket, or by evaluation of orthopedic physiatric. These machines that we use today will then be transferred to the new hospital Galliera.

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