A Josh Hamilton Alcohol Addiction Story – The Relapse

There are a lot of celebrities having issues with all kind of addictions, but while actors and singers can manage it without impacting their physical activity by much, others, such as professional players, are dealing with much bigger troubles. It is the case of Josh Hamilton, the Rangers outfielder, who has a long story of alcohol and drug addiction. Recovery was no easy deal for him, and as the Dallas Morning News writes, it’s time for the relapse part of the story.

The Dallas Morning News writes that Josh Hamilton, outfielder for the Rangers had a relapse earlier this week “in his quest to remain sober”. The source writes that as stated by “individuals familiar with the episode, Hamilton drank alcohol Monday night at Sherlock’s Pub & Grill in Dallas”. Teammate Ian Kinsler came down to the pub to convince Hamilton it’s time to leave, but without success apparently.

The Rangers told the newspaper that the team was “aware of a situation”, but had no further comment at the time. 

Josh Hamilton’s story of alcohol addiction goes back several years and this week’s relapse counts as the second one in this period. The first relapse occurred in January 2009 in a bar from Arizona, Tempe. He immediately informed the family and team about his mistake and then underwent a drug test and a MLB mandated counseling program, without any punitive measures taken by the Rangers.

The outfielder was suspended for more than three years on drug and alcohol abuse allegations and ended up missing the entire 2003 – 2005 seasons. He finally got back in the game in 2006. During the time he was sober he was put under drug tests several times a month and said he was trying to stay away from alcohol and drug based on a promise he made to his grandmother.

The Rangers were more than understanding about Hamilton’s issues. During the last two seasons, his teammates even switched to ginger ale when celebrating their wins out of respect for the outfielder. Former coach Johnny Narron was his accountability partner for a while now, but he had to leave the Rangers to become the hitting coach of the Milwaukee Brewers.

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