A high-end Sony headphone, MDR-Z7

In the last period of time, Sony has released a huge range of headphone models, but unfortunately, it did not launch a model that is equal or better than the top audiophile models. However, the new Sony MDR-Z7 might be that model. It sounds, feels and looks like the real deal and comes with an acceptable price, 700 dollars.

However, probably online it can be found for less. At this price point, customers will probably go for an open-back headphone to get more airy quality, like HIFiMan HE-400O and Beyerdynamic T90. Sony MDR-Z7 comes with a closed-back design and manages to sound like an open-back model.

Probably, the most important thing about a closed-back design is that it doesn’t leak so much sound and its plush “pressure-relieving urethane cushions” with 3D-sewn covers are doing an incredible job. They are also very comfortable, even if they are not as light as the MDR-1A. This model was designed to be a quiet headphone, which can be used for several hours, without needing to be taken away. “Precise component machining, with the added placement of silicon rings around every moving axis, realizes smooth and silent earcup movement,” Sony declared.

Sony MDR-Z7 comes with two detachable oxygen-free cooper cables: a 2m double-headed balanced audio cable that splits the channels and is designed to work with balanced audio headphone amplifiers and a longer 3-meter conventional stereo cable.

Also, users can use the headphone with a mobile device, but probably that 3m cable is too long for travel use. However, a gold-plated 1/8-inch (minijack) to ¼-inch (phono) plug adaptor is included in the package, but unfortunately, no protective carrying pouch or headphone case ships with the headphones. It is too bad, because many other headphones, including 200 dollars models, are coming with a protective carrying pouch.

This new model delivers an incredible sound and board and is beautifully focused. Using a good amp, the MDR-Z7’s dynamic punch will improve, bass will plumb deeper and treble will be more delicate. However, there are many other headphones that cost less than this model, but they do not compare with the comfort standpoint and the build quality that MDR-Z7 has to offer.

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