A good thermal camera, Flir One

Those who are familiar with the thermal imaging market know that every model costs tens of thousands of dollars. These days, Flir One has been released and will probably shake the entire market.

This new thermal camera comes at the price of 250 dollars, making it the most affordable heat camera on the market. However, being a mobile accessory, many customers will probably believe that this device is a little bit pricey. Flir One can be used in both Android and iOS versions and it’s also very easy to handle. 

Flir One is probably the most recommended camera when it comes to a simple and rechargeable thermal imaging. Even if it got some serious rivals on the market, like Seek Thermal Camera, Flir One has some interesting features that will probably stand out.

However, the question is what are these thermal-imaging cameras and what can they detect? Well, thermal-imaging cameras have the ability to notify heat signatures. These cameras can display relative heat signatures between a glass of cold juice and a cup of hot coffee. Probably, many people will compare this with a night vision camera, but there are some significant difference between them. 

Thermal cameras don’t have the possibility to see through glasses and they treat everything like an opaque wall. This means that these cameras have some significant limits and cannot be used as security devices. If somebody is willing to use this thermal camera to see through a window for a potential intruder in the house, he will actually end up seeing his own reflection of heat signature. 

However, Flir One has some interesting features, like the so called “MSX.” Compared with the Seek Thermal Camera, which can only display the raw thermal image, Flir One is much more advanced. This new device comes with two cameras: one thermal sensor camera and one regular light camera.

This means that when somebody creates a video or takes a picture, Flir One will display an overlay of the visible light image with the thermal signature. Moreover, users will have the possibility to create panoramic shots and will also have a timer function that can be used to delay a shot to approximately 10 seconds.

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